A Shade Darker Celebrates National Window Film Day on April 30th

There’s big news coming up for the window film industry, as the sixth annual NWFD (National Window Film Day) is here. The IWFA (International Window Film Association) has finalized April 30th as the date for this festival. In the past, mayors and governors from states across the United States have proposed the need of dedicating a day for the education of the general public regarding the benefits of professional window film installation. As a result, the National Window Film Day was set.

Why Window Film Installation is Vital

Professionally installed window film has multiple benefits. These include not only efficiency in energy consumption, but also enables the monitoring and maintenance of indoor temperature. Window tint shops in Santa Rosa have trained professionals who can complete the installation of window film on cars correctly that ensures blockage of 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Why is it important? Well, UV rays can damage your skins and eyes, and can wear on the interior of your car. Have ever you noticed a color fade? It’s probably because of the invasion of UV rays. The celebration of the National Window Film Day is a step taken towards popularizing green methods for saving the environment around us.

Save Money. Save the Environment.

For years now, leading environmental organizations have been stressing on the implementation of green methods for the conservation of the environment. Window film is a step forward towards saving the planet. You generally have two choices. The first one is the replacement of your old windows, which can be expensive. And the second option is choosing to install window film. It is more affordable and saves you in the long run. You can expect to keep a lot of money in the form of heating and cooling expenses and protecting your car’s interior.

Window films bring significant economic and health benefits – whether it’s energy savings, improved health, or reducing your carbon footprint. Now it’s your turn to make a difference in the environment. At A Shade Darker, we use the highest quality window film products and materials. For more information or to request a quote on car window tinting, contact our shop located in Santa Rosa, CA at 707-546-2827.