Caring for Newly Tinted Car Windows

There are many compelling reasons to get your car’s windows tinted. A window film can drastically improve the look of your car, block harmful UV rays, enhance privacy, and most importantly, prevent sun damage and fading.
Whatever your reasons for installing window tint, you must take steps to protect your investment. Follow these tips from San Rafael tinting experts, A Shade Darker, to care for your newly tinted windows.
Keep Your Windows Rolled Up
The adhesive that sticks car window film to glass usually needs two to four days to set. If you roll your windows down before your window film cures, it may peel. If you have water bubbles after tinting, do not worry. This is perfectly normal. Bubbles will go away after your film finishes curing.
Do Not Clean Your Windows Immediately After Getting Them Tinted
Heading to a car wash immediately after having your windows tinted could prove to be a bad idea as window tints need time to cure. Please allow 7-30 days for your tint to cure.
Cleaning Your Windows
Unless you have stubborn stains, you don’t have to clean your windows. Simply wipe down your windows with a clean, microfiber cloth to get rid of minor imperfections.
Use a mild cleaning agent (such as a solution of equal parts vinegar and water) to remove stubborn stains. Steer clear of cleaning products that contain ammonia as ammonia can cause the tint to become brittle and dry.
Cleaning Tips
Do not use abrasive drying or scrubbing products as they can damage your tint. Avoid steam cleaning tinted windows. If you want to steam clean your car’s interior, keep the windows rolled down to prevent steam from damaging your tint film.
Use the two-towel method: use one microfiber towel to wipe down your windows and another to buff away any remaining cleaner or moisture. Avoid paper towels as they have a crude surface that can attract dust and scratch your window film.
When you switch to the second towel, wipe down the outside of the window horizontally and the inside vertically. To prevent premature window tint wear, clean off bird droppings and bug splatters as soon as you notice them.
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