Differences Between the XPEL Clear Bra and the 3M Scotchgard

Your car goes through a lot every day. Dents and scratches from rocks, bird droppings, and UV rays can damage your car’s exterior, causing the finish to look dull. To maintain your vehicle’s integrity and value, install a paint protection film designed to prevent scratches and dents.
Clear Bra and 3M are two of the most recognizable brands in the car paint protection film realm. 3M is widely regarded as the pioneer of car paint protection films. They continue to be industry leaders. Unlike 3M that has a wide range of products, XPEL focuses exclusively on paint protection films.
Over the years, both XPEL and 3M have introduced several top-line car paint protection films. The XPEL Clear Bra and the 3M Scotchgard are the most popular products available in the market.
The XPEL Clear Bra and the 3M Scotchgard offer superior, high-performance protection. Both are crystal clear after a quality installation. Despite these similarities, the XPEL Clear Bra differs from the 3M Scotchgard in some ways.
Level of Protection 
Many experts consider the Clear Bra to be the best paint protection film available in the market. It offers superior protection against dents, chips, and scratches. Though the 3M Scotchgard offers a similar protection level, the Clear Bra is more effective when it comes to protecting against the elements. It has better self-healing properties than the 3M Scotchgard.
The Clear Bra is more expensive than the 3M Scotchgard. However, it’s worth paying extra for the Clear Bra. It is easier to maintain and install and provides superior protection.
The Clear Bra comes with a 10-year extended warranty, whereas 3M offers a 7-year warranty on the 3M Scotchgard. One more reason to choose the Clear Bra!
Some Questions to Ask When Choosing a PPF for Your Car 
Installing a PPF is a huge decision. You need to understand that there is no one size fits all approach to selecting a PPF for your car. When choosing a PPF, consider all the factors at play. You need to understand that a solution that works wonders for other cars can fail to protect your prized possession against the elements.
Making an informed decision requires that you ask the following questions when choosing a PPF.
➢ Do you want color on your PPF?
➢ Do you want a matte or clear finish?
➢ Do you expect the topcoat layer of your film to have hydrophobic properties?
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