Top 3 Paint Protection Films for Your Car

Most people want to keep their new car looking shiny and scratch-free for years to come. If you want the same, you should take a closer look at paint protection films. In fact, a paint protection film is the most popular and comprehensive protection that you can apply on your car to protect it from small scratches, different chemical stains, and other environmental contaminants.
With so many films in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best. So, here are the top three paint protection films for cars.

  1. XPEL

XPEL is a well-known brand among the different automotive paint protection products. It is one of the commonly suggested paint protection films that is renowned for its durability and protection abilities. This is a clear polyurethane film that is 8 mils in thickness. XPEL is available in three sizes – 6″ by 25″, 6″ by 60″, and 6″ by 84″. It protects your car paint from any unsightly damage, and helps to maximize its resale value.

  1. 3M Scotchgard Series

This is a clear paint protection film that is long-lasting. The 3M brand is considered a global leader in paint protection films. This paint protection film is a clear polyurethane film, which is 8 mils (0.0008″) thick, and comes with an adhesive backing. It is a very thin and transparent film, which can be ideally applied to the front of your car to shield it from road debris. It is also extremely sticky, making it easy to adhere to the car body. The film is relatively easy to apply and peel off, without causing any damage to the paint.

  1. SunTek

SunTek’s paint protection film is usually sold in large quantities since it is considered ideal for covering the entire front end of your car. In fact, you will have some leftover that you can use to cover other parts of your car. SunTek’s protective film is a self-healing polyurethane film, which is 8 mils thick. If there are any scratches or swirls appearing in the film, it will simply disappear when you pour hot water over it.
Why Should You Choose XPEL?
While choosing the best paint protection film for your car, how you install it is more important than the brand itself. Among the leading brands of paint protection films, XPEL is a high-quality clear film guard, which also has the ability to protect door sills and rocker panels from scratches, swirls, and external damage.
When applied, this film is almost invisible, and it is clearer than 3M’s Scotchgard film. Therefore, it is a good alternative to 3M Scotchgard due to its property of being almost invisible.
Some of the important features of the film are self-healing, resistance to stain, and high optical clarity. When compared to other paint protection films, XPEL protects the leading edges of your car from damage caused by rocks, salt, gravel, or insects. You merely need to apply this thin and almost invisible urethane film. The product is also quite affordable, durable, and long-lasting.
If in doubt as to which is the best paint protection film for your car, XPEL could be just what you are looking for. Contact A Shade Darker today for expert advice on paint protection films, and to discuss pricing. Call today at 707-546-2827. Visit us at 3093 Wiljan Ct Suite E, Santa Rosa, CA 95407, United States.