Why Should Paint Protection Films Be Applied on Vehicles?

Are you worried about paint scratches on your car? You are not alone. Car scratches and blemishes give sleepless nights to drivers around the world. The truth is that no matter how careful you are, you cannot prevent tiny pebbles, chips, and flying rocks from hitting your car while driving.
To help car owners protect their cars, many auto paint protection companies in Santa Rosa and elsewhere install paint protection films to the vulnerable, high-impact areas of their cars. A paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane applied to painted surfaces. PPFs are self-healing. They are specially formulated to protect car paint from bug splatters, chips, and abrasions.
Here are some compelling reasons to apply PPF to different areas of your car.
Hassle-free Maintenance
A good paint protection film makes maintaining a car a lot easier. Minor scratches, bird droppings, and scuffs can be easily cleaned with a soft, clean cloth. Hate spending hours to remove water spots on your car’s body? Opt for a waterproof film. Additionally, PPF repels dust and environmental damage to help avoid dust build-up.
When maintaining your car becomes easier, you take fewer trips to the car wash and save more on maintenance. Your car will thank you for taking less frequent trips to the car wash as many car washers use harsh chemicals.
Protects the Finish of Your Car
A significant benefit of PPF is that it maintains the finish of your car. The transparent film does not change the original appearance of your car’s color. PPFs are designed to maintain the natural finish and gloss of cars for years to come.
Offers Enhanced Protection
Paint protection films offer superior surface protection. Many coatings are fire resistant and particularly formulated to protect against physical damage and environmental hazards such as salt and soot. PPF acts as a chemical barrier, helping avoid damage due to contact from harmful chemicals (from harsh cleaners and environmental elements).
Helps Retain Your Car’s Resale Value
Appearance matters. One of the first things that used car buyer’s notice about a used car is its appearance. No matter how smooth your car runs, poor appearance can drag down its resale value. PPF protects your car’s body from environmental and superficial damage to keep it looking new for years to come.
Saves Money
They say prevention is better than cure. PPF protects the exterior of your car from damage so that you do not have to spend money on frequent repairs and maintenance.
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