Paint Protection Film (PPF): An Investment in Your Car's Future

Ugly scratches and dents on a car are every car lover’s worst nightmare. Not only are scratches unattractive, but it can also damage other parts. Scratches can ruin an otherwise beautiful finish on a car. When it comes to protecting cars from scratches, prevention is much better than cure. Instead of waiting until scratches appear on your car, why not apply a proactive approach by getting a paint protection film installed? A paint protection film works by creating a barrier between the elements and the car’s original paint job, protecting it from scratches, rock chips, and contaminants.

Why Choosing Paint Protection Film Makes Sense

Preserves the Original Shine and Luster of the Car
Regular exposure to the elements can cause your car to lose its natural shine and luster. PPF helps address this problem by providing a permanent protective coating that not only prevents the paint from fading but also gives the vehicle a glossy appearance.
Makes Cleaning Easier
A paint protection film is designed to repel dust. Your PPF will work by preventing dust from settling on your car. This simplifies cleaning jobs. Oftentimes, all you would have to do is dust your car with a clean piece of cloth, instead of washing it with water.
Can Help Retain the Resale Value of Your Car
One of the major factors that determine the resale value of a car is its appearance. Even if a car runs smoothly, unsightly marks on its body can drive away potential buyers. While dents and marks on an old car can be fixed, a repair can set you back several hundreds of dollars. Additionally, some old marks get stubborn with time and are extremely hard to remove.
PPF can help retain your car’s resale value by protecting the exterior from environmental and superficial damage.

Helps Save Money on Expensive Repairs

Dents and marks can go unnoticed for a long time. A dent, if not fixed in a timely fashion, can cause severe long-term damage to the paint. An ignored dent can cause rust. Even minor dents can mask more serious concerns such as underlying structural damage. The best way to avoid damage caused due to dents and scratches is by preventing them from happening. PPF does exactly that.

Protects Cars from Damage Caused by Scratches and Chemicals

Scratches build up moisture, which often causes rust. Another common cause of car body damage is excessive exposure to chemicals from harsh cleaners and environmental elements. PPF protects cars from these damages by creating a chemical barrier between the bodies of vehicles and the elements.
One of the major factors that will impact the effectiveness of your PPF is how it is applied. Our experts at A Shade Darker know everything there is to know about paint protection films. As a leading auto paint protection company in Santa Rosa, we have taken upon us to help car owners show their car the love it deserves. Our love for cars is the primary reason why we got into this business. To learn more about paint protection film, call us at 707-546-2827.