Where Should I Apply Paint Protection Film? 5 Reasons to Get A Full Wrap

You are what you drive. Your car, more than just a vehicle, is an extension of your personality. Scratches, dents, and rock chips from road debris can bring down your car’s aesthetic appeal, causing it to look older than its actual age. To help address this problem, many auto paint protection companies in Santa Rosa offer paint protection films that protect certain areas such as rock panels, hood, fenders, and front bumper that are exposed to road debris.
These paint protection films, though effective, do not offer comprehensive protection against debris. For many car owners (especially those who are madly in love with their cars), this is not enough. They want complete peace of mind; something that only a full wrap can provide. A full wrap, as the name suggests, covers the entire car. Here are some reasons why you must seriously consider getting a full wrap.

  1. Rock Chips Can Strike Any Part of Your Car: Though rock chips from debris usually hit certain places of a car, it doesn’t mean that other parts are protected. Small rocks and debris can strike unusual places such as the door on your passenger side or your side view mirror. To prevent ugly scratches from dragging down the aesthetic appeal of your car, use a full wrap.
  2. Acid Rain Can Damage Painted Surfaces: Acidic deposits left on your car’s surface after an acid rain can wreak havoc on your car. These deposits can react with water to damage your painted surfaces.
  3. Birds Won’t Think Twice Before Soiling Different Parts: Birds are cute and lovable. They can brighten even dull days; however, there is a reason why car lovers go to great lengths to prevent birds from getting anywhere near their cars. Getting rid of stains caused by bird droppings is a major headache for car owners. These droppings, if not removed quickly, can leave stubborn chemical stains. A full wrap can help address this problem by covering the roof and other exposed parts of a car.
  4. Direct Sunlight Can Damage Your Car’s Paint: Prolonged exposure to UV rays causes paint to oxidize, resulting in a dull or faded look. Every car part exposed to direct sunlight is at high risk of oxidation. To keep oxidation at bay, opt for a full wrap that will cover your entire car.
  5. You Think Your Car is Safe in the Parking Lot? Think Again: Often, a reckless driver or their passenger would open a door without noticing the vehicle next to them. This can be your vehicle and unless you have a full wrap installed, you cannot completely rule out the chances of these small dings and scratches occurring every now and then.

A full wrap is designed to help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your car for a long time. To get the most out of your full wrap, get it installed by an expert. A Shade Darker provides XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH paint protection films. XPEL is a well-known brand among the different automotive paint protection products. It is one of the commonly suggested paint protection films that is renowned for its durability and protection abilities. This is a clear polyurethane film that is 8 mils in thickness. XPEL is available in three sizes – 6″ by 25″, 6″ by 60″, and 6″ by 84″. Paint protection films protect your car paint from any unsightly damage and helps to maximize its resale value. Our experts at A Shade Darker know everything there is to know about car wraps. As a leading paint protection company in Santa Rosa, we have made helping car owners show their car some love our business mission. To consult an expert, call us at 707-546-2827.