We exclusively offer XPEL PRIME window films. Under PRIME, we carry 3 different films, giving your varying options so you can choose a film that will fit your needs and wants. All 3 films give you multiple different shade options and varying heat rejections depending on the material chosen. Regardless of the choice you make, you will get 99.9% UV a/b protection as well as an accompanying LIFETIME warranty, ensuring that the life of the film, will well exceed the life of your vehicle.

Not sure which tint is right for you?

Let one of our staff members help you choose which film fits what you’re looking for. In deciding which film is right for you, these are the questions you should ask yourself;

Am I wanting tint as more of a way to cosmetically change my vehicle?
Am I wanting tint for the UV protection?
Am I wanting tint to keep the vehicle cooler during hot summer days?
Am I wanting tint as a way to have more privacy in my vehicle?
Am I wanting tint as a way to reduce glare while driving?
Am I wanting protection for my passengers and pets?

Once you answer these questions, we can better serve you in choosing the perfect match film for you.


Get the sleek appearance you want and the value you expect with XPEL’s dyed, color-stable window tint film. Not only will you get the look you want, but you’ll also get 99.9% UV protection to keep your interior, yourself and your passengers protected.


Achieve top of the line style, performance and protection with XPEL’s PRIME XR ceramic film at a great value. Ceramic particles filter out the sun’s infrared radiation, blocking out a vast majority of the sun’s heat. It’ll keep your car cooler overall. The best part of this film is that whether you choose the clear film or the darkest film, they all perform exactly the same, keeping your car cooler while still getting the look you want. Proven to block up to 88% of infrared heat rejection.


Receive the best of the best performance with XPEL’s PRIME XR PLUS nano-ceramic film. No matter the weather, you stay protected and comfortable inside your vehicle. Like the PRIME XR film, XR PLUS contains ceramic particles but so much to an extent that it creates a solid barrier, blocking up to 98% of infrared heat. And of course, it keeps out 99.9% UV. Get the ultimate protection with XR PLUS.

**All 3 films will be not interfere with radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signals like the traditional metalized films**