When tinting a Lucid, our team uses the utmost care. Our team highlights Lucid’s unique features.  

Benefits of Tinting your Lucid

  • Saves you from battery drainage
  • Increases your miles per charge
  • Protects yourself, passenger, and interior from harmful UV rays
  • Makes it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Decreases the in-cabin temperature
  • Reduces sun glare

Not only is choosing the right film for your car important, but with Lucid vehicles, it is critical that the right people are installing this film. Due to the extensive electronic options in these vehicles, an experienced installer is required to ensure a quality job. These cars require more precautions and experience than most other cars to protect the integrity of the electrical system. The tinters at A Shade Darker have completed a high volume of Lucid’s and mastered the technique to ensure a high-quality job.


Paint protection is a clear, polyurethane film that helps to protect the vehicle’s paint from the many environmental elements that it meets on the road. Any surface that is painted can be covered with this protection. Typical kits are partial and full kits, but the whole entire car can be covered as well. The original “clear bra” would cover a partial hood, partial fenders, the bumper, mirrors, and a cargo strip across the trunk ledge. The full kit covers the whole hood, full fenders, the bumper, mirrors, and the cargo strip on the trunk ledge. Many Lucid owners cover the full front end, since that is the area that takes the most beating when on the road.

Benefits of Paint Protecting your Lucid

  • Saves your exterior from the inevitable environmental debris that it encounters while on the road
  • Paint protection heals itself
  • Keeps the car looking brand new, even years down the road
  • Can change the overall aesthetic with XPEL STEALTH to a matte finish
  • Can protect against minor bumper to bumper contacts

We carry XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and XPEL STEALTH paint protection films . ULTIMATE PLUS has a high gloss finish that is practically invisible on the cars surface. The STEALTH gives your paint a whole new look by eliminating the cars gloss finish and creating a matte look on your vehicles paint. So not only do you get to protect and preserve your paint, you also get the change the whole look of the vehicle!