Benefits of Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

They say you are what you drive. Your car is more than just a vehicle. It is an extension of your personality. Caring for your car must be your top priority.
Different parts of your car are exposed to the elements that can cause your prized possession to age prematurely.
Additionally, when driving, gravel and road debris flicked backwards from the tires of the vehicle ahead of you can hit your car, causing chips, dents, or even minor cracks. Chips and dents from pebbles are unsightly and can expose the bare metal underneath the paint.
Clear bra is a revolutionary product designed to protect the paint from chipping and scratching. You can install clear bra on the areas of your car that are vulnerable to paint chips and dents. Your clear bra will protect your car from damage, helping maintain the look and quality of your car paint for years to come.
Here are some benefits of clear bra.
Invisible Protection for Your Car
Clear bra is a transparent sheet, which means people will hardly notice it. Your clear bra won’t affect the color of your car’s paint. Whether you have a white or a yellow car, the color remains the same under the sheet. The paint protection product provides superior protection and maintains the gloss of your car without affecting its appearance.
Superior Protection 
When installed correctly, clear bra acts as a chemical barrier, preventing damage from bird droppings, UV rays (does not oxidize when exposed to the sun’s rays), bug splatters, and acid rain. Even a minor scratch can build up moisture, eventually leading to rust. Clear bra is designed to prevent scratches.
Hassle-free Cleaning and Maintenance
A paint protection film or clear bra is designed to repel dust, which means your car’s exterior will rarely have a dust build-up problem. A major benefit of clear bra is that it does not require any special maintenance. You can wash your clear bra sheet with a regular (mild) shampoo/soap and a soft cloth.
The benefits of installing clear bra far outweigh the costs. Clear bra offers long-term protection. Your clear bra will protect your car’s body for years to come, and you will spend less on maintenance and repainting.
Helps Retain Your Car’s Resale Value
One of the first things potential buyers notice about a car for sale is its appearance. Your car’s appearance has a major impact on its resale value. Clear bra utilizes a permanent protective coat designed to keep vehicles looking new for years to come. Your clear bra will prevent your car’s paint from fading, helping make it look new and shiny.
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