Things to Know Before Having Your Car Windows Tinted

Windows are an integral part of your car. They help maintain visibility while protecting you and your passengers from flying debris and the elements. Flying pebbles and stone chips can damage your car’s windows. Chips in your car’s windows aren’t just an eyesore, they can also make your windows more prone to further deterioration and […]

4 Impressive Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Most car owners will agree that car tint adds a certain sleek luxury to their vehicles. But have you thought about the benefits beyond aesthetics? Car tint is often a personal preference. However, there are many additional benefits that car owners tend to overlook. Read on to learn several reasons why you should opt for […]

Caring for Newly Tinted Car Windows

There are many compelling reasons to get your car’s windows tinted. A window film can drastically improve the look of your car, block harmful UV rays, enhance privacy, and most importantly, prevent sun damage and fading. Whatever your reasons for installing window tint, you must take steps to protect your investment. Follow these tips from […]