How to Care for Tinted Windows

There are several benefits of tinted windows for cars. A quality window tint blocks UV rays, keeps glass from shattering, and enhances privacy by increasing the opaqueness of the window.
You cannot just install a window tint and forget it. Like everything else, window tints require regular care and maintenance. Here are some tips to care for your tinted windows and make ceramic window tinting in Napa County last longer.
Clean Your Windows Properly
Before cleaning your window for the first time after the tint is applied, make sure it has cured completely. Some hazing and water pockets are normal during the curing period. Once your tint cures, use a soft and clean cotton cloth or a rubber squeegee for cleaning.
If you want to use a cleaner, choose one designed specifically for window films. Avoid using cleaning products that contain ammonia or harsh chemicals as they can damage or discolor the tint.
Steps to Cleaning Tinted Windows

  • Move your car to a shady spot
  • Look for areas on your windows that have accumulated dust and dirt
  • Clean each window with an ammonia-free cleaning product and a soft cloth
  • Wipe the remaining liquid with a small squeegee. Start at the top and move down
  • Clean liquid near the edges of the window film with a towel

Once you have cleaned your windows, walk around your car. Make sure your windows are streak-free. If required, move your car under the direct sun. Sit inside and check whether there is still some cleaning residue on windows.
Window Tints Dos and Don’ts

  • Clean your windows regularly. Clean the exterior of windows as you normally would, as window films are installed on the inside of the glass
  • Use a cleaning product that is safe for window films. If you are unable to find an ammonia-free cleaning product, consult your mechanic
  • Use soft clothes/a clean synthetic sponge and a squeegee to clean tinted windows
  • Before you start installing the film, make sure your glass is as clean as possible. Get rid of imperfections


  • Stay clear of ammonia-based cleaning products. Do not use abrasive cleaning tools such as brushes as they can scratch window films
  • Do not clean your windows immediately after installation. Wait for the film to cure before cleaning your windows. This can take anywhere between 7-30 days
  • Do not roll down tinted windows for at least a week after installation

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