Northern California’s OEM XPEL Rivian Dealer


This full front-end kit offers outstanding coverage for high impact areas. The entire hood and fenders are covered for maximum coverage and a seamless design.


With all painted sections of the vehicle body covered in Satin PPF, this complete package offers tremendous protection and style. 

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Meet Northern California’s OEM installer of XPEL for Rivian. Rivian and XPEL have teamed up to offer premium pricing and paint protection packages for Rivian customers. Here at A Shade Darker, we are certified and highly recognized in Northern California in offering PPF and tint services. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, proving our quality and longevity.

These OEM packages offer a full front nose package of ULTIMATE PLUS; our 8mil thick film that high gloss PPF. An entire car coverage is also offered in either the ULTIMATE PLUS or STEALTH. STEALTH gives your Rivian a whole new look by giving your paint a satin finish.

What does XPEL and Rivian offer their customers through this new relationship?

  • 5 year warranty/ 60,000 miles
  • OEM coverage to cover the full nose (full hood, full fenders, bumper, and mirrors)
  • OEM coverage of entire car

How does this OEM coverage differ from typical XPEL kits?

  • OEM coverage is an introductory package. It covers all the areas needed and most prone to rock chips at a cost-effective rate. The warranty is 5 years/60,000 miles.
  • Your next step up offers a more extensive and time driven package. Although it covers the same areas, edges are wrapped, badges are removed, preparation is more extensive, and a 10-year warranty is offered. It offers a seamless look as well as takes more time.