Window Tint Removal Near Me – A Shade Darker

A Shade Darker is a leading auto paint protection company in Santa Rosa. We offer professional window tint removal services and have developed an in-house window tint removal process designed to soften and remove window tints without damaging windows.
Some states require drivers to have window tints removed and reapplied in a lighter shade. There are several reasons to have failed window tint removed from your car windows. One major reason is that over time, the window film will hinder your ability to see out of the car. Another reason is that it could potentially ruin the defrosters in your back window.
Many substandard window tints are designed to last a few months and are unable to hold their strength even for a year. An ineffective window tint won’t do much when it comes to preserving the look of your car. Before the paint starts to blister and peel, have your tint replaced.
Do you think you can remove your window tint yourself? Think again! Most films have two layers of tinted film. The top layer comes off easily, exposing the second and more adhesive layer.
The second layer does not peel off easily. Applying force will cause it to flake and tear, leaving behind ugly and unsightly marks. If you attempt to remove window tint yourself, you may end up damaging your defroster lines. If radio antennas are mounted alongside defrosters, one wrong move can damage them.
If you damage your car while removing window tint, a professional will need more time to restore the vehicle to its former glory. Additionally, you may end up spending a ton of money on expensive repairs.
Leave tint removal to our automotive experts. If you have a failing window tint, bring your car to our tint shop. Our window tint removal experts are trained to remove window tints swiftly without damaging window surfaces.
We are committed to helping our customers save money, time, and effort. Our technicians use advanced tools and take various precautions to get tints off right the first time.
Not all window tints are created equal. No one understands this better than us. We offer XPEL PRIME window films that provide up to 99.9 percent UV A/B protection. Have your old tint replaced by an XPEL PRIME window film, and get superior protection guaranteed!
A Shade Darker is a team of car enthusiasts. Our love for automobiles is the biggest reason we started this business. We are committed to helping our customers protect and care for their car paint. We use advanced products by XPEL and its window tints and other products employ state-of-the-art technology designed to offer comprehensive protection. To talk to one of our experts, call us at 707-546-2827.