Xpel Paint Protection Film: Best Investment You Could Possibly Make for Your Car

It’s not every day that you buy a car. To get the most out of your treasured possession, you need to show it some love. Caring for your car should top your priority list. Cars take a lot of punishment every day. Whether you use your car regularly or are an occasional driver, your car is exposed to the elements that apart from dragging down the vehicle’s performance can have a negative impact on its aesthetic appeal. Exposure to the sun and elements can cause paint to chip, pale or peel. Paint chips and deep scratches are not to be taken lightly. Paint chips do not just look ugly, but can also expose the bare metal underneath the paint causing them to rust with time.
They say prevention is better than cure. Instead of spending time and effort to come up with a strategy to remove rust, why not opt for a solution that attacks the root cause of the problem by creating a barrier between the body paint of your car and the elements? Xpelprotection film does exactly that.
Xpel Paint Protection Film: An Introduction
Xpel is an advanced paint protection film. It offers superior protection against scratches and swirl marks. Used by premium manufacturers around the world, Xpelpaint protection film maintains gloss finish for years. The low-maintenance product is easy to clean. Xpelpaint protection is a transparent polyurethane film. It features a special technology developed to protect paintwork from scuffs, dents, bug and bird droppings, stone chips, and swirl marks caused due to incorrect washing techniques.
Why Xpel?
Xpel is one of the most advanced paint production products on the market. While many paint protection films offer superficial protection, Xpel is famed for its ability to repel even minor stone chips and road debris. Xpel creates a blanket of protection around your car, helping prevent major damage. Insignificant marks caused due to rocks, gravel, and stones thrown by other cars usually self-heal. To maintain the structural integrity of your protective film, apply heat using a heat gun, hot water or steamer at regular intervals.
Unparalleled Durability and Reliability
Xpel is virtually impenetrable by stones and debris. No matter your driving conditions and habits, the paintwork underneath the film will be maintained and protected for years to come. You can also use Xpel to hide minor paintwork scratches and swirl marks.
Endless Possibilities
Xpel is available in a range of widths and lengths. No matter the type of car you own, you will find a paint protection film solution that best meets your requirements.
At A Shade Darker, we understand cars and love them. We are a top-rated auto paint protection company in Santa Rosa. We share our customers’ passion for cars. We firmly believe that a car is an extension of its owner’s personality. Every scratch on a car’s body scars its owner. We are committed to prevent this from happening. To help maintain the shine of cars, we offer three different films by Xpel Prime that provide 99.9 percent UV A/B protection. For a free tint quote, call us at 707-546-2827.