Installation of XPEL Ultimate Plus: Self-healing Paint Protection Film

For many people, their car is more than just a vehicle. They are emotionally attached to their prized possession and cherish every memory associated with it.
Scratches and dents on their car’s body are every car lover’s worst nightmare. Not only do unsightly scratches negatively impact the overall aesthetic appeal of a car, but they can also cause serious damage, if not addressed in a timely manner. To put their clients’ nightmare to rest,  many auto paint protection companies in Santa Rosa and elsewhere install paint protection films by XPEL on their vehicles.
XPEL is the leader in the market of paint protection films. Its proprietary products XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH are designed to protect car surfaces from almost anything, including bird droppings, bug acids, oils, and gravel.
XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS provides maximum protection to your car without visually altering its appearance. Backed by a 10-year warranty, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is virtually invisible. It is known for its superior resistance to stain, and for its optical clarity.

Some Salient Features of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS:

1. Self-Heals Light Scratches: The paint protection film is designed to utilize light heat to repair light scratches and swirl marks. Special elastomeric polymers allow scratches to heal over time.
2. Nonyellowing: Unlike many other PPFs that get yellow or peel off over time from UV exposure, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS does not discolor.
3. State-of-the-art Edge Seal Technology: Forget lifting and delaminating. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS utilizes Edge Seal Technology to maintain proper adhesion while protecting surfaces from contaminants.
4. Superior Stain Resistance: Worried about stains, splotches, and spots caused by contaminants? Relax! XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is stain resistant. The PPF is designed to maintain clarity.
5Ultimate Protection Against Wear and Tear: The revolutionary paint protection film protects cars from stone chips and nicks.
Offered in a satin finish, XPEL STEALTH protects cars from bug acids and road debris. Its special formula helps preserve the factory finish of cars. Unlike many matt finishes that are difficult to maintain, XPEL STEALTH is easy to wash and dry out.
Salient Features
1. Self-healing: When exposed to heat, XPEL STEALTH repairs fine scratches over time.
2Hassle-free Maintenance: You can wash and dry your car without worrying about damaging its luster.
3. Warranty: XPEL STEALTH comes with a 10-year warranty. Some defects covered by it include yellowing, cracking, blistering, delaminating, and staining.
4. Sleek Finish: XPEL STEALTH features a sleek satin finish. Once applied, the film is virtually unnoticeable. Add XPEL STEALTH to your matte or gloss paint job for a superior finish.
Both ULTIMATE PLUS and XPEL STEALTH give cars a new lease of life. One of the most important things that will determine the effectiveness of your paint protection film is how it is installed. A Shade Darker is an authorized XPEL installer in Santa Rosa. Our installation experts know a thing or two about paint protection films. Irrespective of the type of car you own, we will come up with a plan to maintain its natural shine for years to come. To schedule an appointment for auto window tinting and paint protection services, call us at 707-546-2827.