Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Why Your Car Needs Ceramic Window Tinted Glass

Nowadays, many home and car owners are installing window tinting because they come with a wide range of advantages. There are several ways that this extra layer on your window can be beneficial for your health. You would be surprised to know that adding a film of ceramic tinted glass can protect you from contracting skin cancer in addition to other health benefits. If you live in Santa Rosa and need advanced window tinting, you will be glad to know that there are high quality and experienced companies, such as A Shade Darker, that can help you with it and give you the extra layer of protection you need.
Benefits of Ceramic Window Tinting
Here is a look at some of the benefits of ceramic window tint for your car and health:
Provides Extra Protection: One of the major benefits of tinted windows is the additional protection you get from the UV rays of the sun. As you know, these harmful rays are one of the primary causes of skin cancer. Window tint on your car can reduce your exposure to the sun’s damaging rays by about 90%! Ceramic window tint not only blocks out harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer but are also free from any dyes, and thus does not pose any side effects for passengers traveling in the vehicle. The simple addition of an extra window tint film can make a huge difference to both the health of you and your passengers.
Energy-efficient: Opting for ceramic window tinting is a great idea as it comes with superb energy efficiency. During summer, tinted car windows can help regulate the temperature within your vehicle by reducing heat; while in winter, it prevents heat from escaping. In short, tinted windows keep you comfortable by controlling the climate of your car and helping you save money on air conditioning.
Offers Added Security: Tinted windows have an extra layer that contributes to making the glass stronger, and in turn reduces the possibility of breakage. This additional benefit helps in keeping your car secure. This is a great advantage to have especially during severe weather conditions when there is a higher risk of sustaining glass-related injuries.
Protect Yourself and Your Family from Skin Cancer
Everyone needs protection, irrespective of age, gender, or race. Seek shade when the sun is beating down, wear protective clothing, and always use a water-resistant broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF that is at least 30 or more to reduce your risk of contracting skin cancer. May is observed as Skin Cancer Awareness Month every year across the globe. This May, embrace ceramic window tinting to protect your family and yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays. Contact A Shade Darker today!
A Shade Darker for Ceramic Window Tinting
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