Why Tint? Reasons You Should Get Your Car Windows Tinted

Car owners take care of their car’s engine with regular tune-ups and maintenance, but often forget about the windows of their vehicle. While you might think window tinting is just an aesthetic enhancement, it also provides numerous functional benefits that will protect both you and your car from this local Santa Rosa, CA weather. Listed below are a few reasons why you should consider getting your car windows tinted.
Reduces Heat and Keeps You Cool – Window tinting your car is great as it blocks out all the thermal rays that cause your car’s interior to overheat. Most of us have had the feeling of being cooked in our own cars, and often wonder how to fix it. Heat rejection films help block thermal rays, so that you feel cool and comfortable in your car without having to turn on the AC, and not waste gas and energy.
Customize Your Vehicle – If you are someone who likes to ride in style, window tinting is just for you. Let’s face it – a vehicle with window tint does look better. Though this may not be the most scientific reason to install window tint, adding it to your car will separate it from the rest on the road! Most automobile shops offer varying shades of window tinting to appeal to your taste and budget. If you don’t want to darken your car windows, but want the many benefits of window tinting, there is a film for that too!
Increases Safety– Even a small accident can break your car windows into several shards of glass. Thankfully, you can avoid a dangerous situation by window tinting your car. Window film can hold the glass together during an accident, and thus, will keep you and your passengers safe in the event of an accident.
Protects Valuables – We use our cars for parties, family trips, commutes, and everyday driving. Many of us practically live in our vehicles. With all the driving we do, we tend to bring in items of value such as an iPod, a laptop, navigational units, e-readers etc., in and out of the car. Many of these valuable items end up finding a permanent home in our cars. When you add window tinting to your car, it makes it difficult to see inside your vehicle. Darkened windows conceal personal items and valuables that are stored in your car, therefore reducing the risk of break-ins.
Avoids Burglaries – Window tint is difficult to break. And, even when broken, the glass continues to remain in one solid piece that is firmly attached to the film. Since good quality tint holds the window glass together, and makes it harder to break into your car, burglars will most likely decide your car is not worth the trouble.
Privacy – Not only does window tint provide security for the contents in your car, but also gives you and your family a good level of privacy by cutting down on people peeking into your car. This is a definite plus, and worth every penny.
Reduces Health Risks – We all know that exposure to the sun can cause potential health risks that can have devastating effects. Your eyes and skin are most vulnerable to excessive sun exposure. This is where window tint comes into play. These films block 99% of UV light, and also act as a “sunscreen” to protect you from the many harmful effects of the sun. High quality window tint can protect you and your family from not just UVA, but also UVB rays.
Glare Reduction from the Sun and Bright Headlights – Glare from the sun can be very distracting, and can cause an unexpected accident. Investing in window tint has many benefits. Window tint can drastically cut down the blinding glares due to bright headlights on the road. Glare from the sun while driving can blind your vision, and lead to dangerous situations. Headlights of other cars on the road behind you, and the sun blasting through your side windows can turn to be a huge distraction when driving. Adding window tint film to your vehicle is an affordable, yet effective way to cut out the glare so you can enjoy long drives any time of the day while keeping your eyes on the road.
Reduces Interior Fading – UV rays and heat from exposure to direct sunlight can turn your upholstery into a real mess, really quick. Window tinting will keep your car’s interior from getting too hot, and blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. This in turn reduces fading of the dash, wood trim, carpets, and seats.
Decreases Interior Heat – Whether you drive short or long distances, you probably don’t want to sit in a car that feels like a furnace. Quality window films offer up to 78% reduction in heat transfer. This means your car will not heat up as quickly as it would without the film, and you can use your air conditioner less to achieve the same cooling effect. This results in extending the life of your AC, and keeps you cool even during peak summer.
Energy Savings – As mentioned above, reducing interior heat can dramatically reduce the demand for AC use. This in turn can have a significantly positive impact on gas mileage. This holds good for owners of electric cars too, as a dip in interior heat means less use of AC, and thereby results in conservation of battery and energy.
Every state has its own law in place when it comes to car window tint and the darkness of the tint that is legally permissible. If you are looking for more information on the car window tint laws in your state, call A Shade Darker at 707-546-2827. We offer numerous options of advanced window tinting in Santa Rosa to suit your needs and budget.